Grout is a crucial material, which every painter and decorator will have used at some time in their career. Grout is used to fill in gaps. Those gaps could be in between bathroom tiles, or large cement slabs. It is grout which keeps things in place and maintains a smart appearance.

The type of grout which is used inside dwellings is what most people will be familiar with, as it used to help fix tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. This type of grout is known as a unsanded grout. Sanded grout is used for outdoor projects.

One of the main issues with any kind of grout is making sure that water or damp does not affect it in any way. This can be very tricky, especially as grout is often used in moist environments. Grout needs to be sealed as soon as possible after installation to make sure that it stays dry.

Sometimes, latex modified additives are included in a grout mix, to help prevent water damage. Epoxy grout is a waterless grout mix, which relies on epoxy resins and hardeners for its effectiveness. Usually mixed just before being used, this is very stain and mould resistant, and is very easy to clean.

Choosing grout is very important, and should never be neglected. Good grout can make all the difference to a renovation project, and helps tiles and other bathroom or kitchen fittings look great. Crucially, grout also keeps things held in place properly.
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